Thursday, 27 September 2012

K3H 30th Birthday 'do - 27 October

      Calling all Hashers !
On October 27th we will be celebrating 30 years of Hashing in the Kalahari so we would like to invite you all, founder members to newbies to join us.
Place----The Cricket Club
Dinner, Drinks, Dancing and general hash fun.
Dress Code
60's Style--Teddy Boys to Hippies
Samosas, Butter Chicken, Vegetable Curry, Rice, Naan., Salad
If you are in contact with any ex-hashers, please invite them to come along
There will be a run earlier with time to get home and change into your glad rags--times to follow.
To book your place please reply to K3H email address or Cat Lady

or sign up at the  hash before 21st October
Hash Cash would like a P50 deposit on booking, full amount to be paid by 21st October.

This week's hash: 30 September, Gaborone Flying Club

Howdy, Hashers:
This week's hash will be from the Flying Club by the airport, starting at 10:00am on Sunday the 30th.  Foxy Lady and Wetclifftorus will be your hares. There will be a bring & braai there for on-afters, but we will be using the Flying Club's bar, so no hash drinks. An entrance fee of P20 is reportedly required, but you know the swimming pool there is worth it.

Directions are as follows: From anywhere, go to the airport circle on the Western By-pass. Do not let the fact that the circle doesn't exist discourage you. Drive towards the Airport, the road is dead straight for a long time. When it is not straight anymore, you will see two giant builings on your left - they use them to sort diamonds. Continue toward the airport and turn right at the K3H sign/Flying Club sign just before the entrance pillars to SSKA.

Bring your braai stuff and remember that there is a bar for your beverage-purchasing needs inside the flying club.

Please let me know if you are available to set the hash for the following week, 7 October, via email. We currently have no hares on deck.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

This week's hash: Gaborone Game Reserve, 10h00, 23 Sept.

This Sunday's Hash is from the Gaborone Game Park in town (not Mokolodi) meeting at the gates to the Game Park at 10.00 a.m. Your hares will be The Ripper, Nick O'Teen, and "The other" Ian (whom will be enjoying -maybe- his last hash with us. Boooo!)  After the run we will go into the Game Park for a braai so please bring all your usual stuff.  Jock will be bringing the hash braai.  Hash will pay for the picnic site for everyone otherwise the charges are P10.00 per person and P10.00 per car so if you want to leave your car outside and go in with someone else then do so. 

Directions: Coming north past the Gabs Sun on Chuma, turn right at the lights (robots) at No Mthatata/Maru Apartments (Intersection with Nyerere/Segoditshane roads), straight at the next lights (if they are working), follow the road around until you see a sign for the Game Park on the right hand side, also be a hash sign.  If you are coming from a northerly direction past the hospital then turn left at the lights at No Mathatata, if you are coming from a westerly direction i.e. from Nelson Mandela then it is straight at the lights at No Mathata and if you live in Gabs and don't know where the Game Park is then tough if you get lost!!

Word of warning - the monkeys like long, french bread sticks!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

This Week's Hash: Nutty's Place, 16/09, 10:00am

Howzit, Hashers.
To everyone who's STILL sore from the Annual Ostrich Migration, what you need is a good old bush run to get those legs working again!  The hash this week will be at Metsimotlhabe with a bring and braai to follow, so bring your stuff. Start time is 10:00am on Sunday the 16th of September, and Nutty will be your hare.  Directions:  drive through Mogoditshane on the Molepolole road past the BDF camp, past the Bokamoso Hospital about 6 kms you will see a RED Post Office on your left. At the next set of traffic lights turn left and 1st Turning  turn right carry straight on and follow the signs finishing at plot 1661. If you get lost call 72-16-6913.

Finally, if anyone would like to share their photos of the last weekend's festivities in Tuli Block, please feel free to post them on our Facebook page for all to see. And post-Finally, The Pusher has graciously shared (below) an encore presentation of "the message from the ostrich" as so eloquently and harmoniously delivered during dinner on Saturday night. Enjoy!


My way – message from the Ostrich
This is a song, it isn't long
But it´s a song about me Ostrich
I travelled far, to get out here,
by cruelty, by you true Hashers
I am that kind who sits
At bars and pubs in Gaborone
And this is what I which
Let me do my way!
How do you think, it feels for me
You hold my neck so I can´t breathe
I almost died on roads from Gabs
Now I´m here to catch my breath
Migration, not my cup of tea
Leave it to my way!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fwd: This Week's Hash: THE K3H XX??th ANNUAL OSTRICH MIGRATION & WEEKEND - Southern Tuli Block

Hello Hashers!

This email consists of directions/instructions/information regarding this weekend's hash, or as we like to call it "THE AMAZING, OUTSTANDING K3H XX??th ANNUAL OSTRICH MIGRATION & WEEKEND"!! It's that special weekend each year where we cover appx. 140km in one day, relay-style, and ease our weary bones with lots of alcohol and delicious food before getting up the next morning and "jogging it off". This year's weekend will be at the scenic Tuli Block destination of Stevensford Game Reserve "where the giraffe and the crocodiles play". If you have signed up and paid, please pay careful attention and start up your printers right now!

If you have not signed up and paid, you may continue reading and suppress all those feelings of acute jealousy and laziness. (NB: There are still 3 or 4 slots for late registrations, should you be so tempted, so if that means you - reply to this email IMMEDIATELY)

On to those attending the migration:
You will find 2 files attached, the first being the important list of directions, team rosters, and accommodation details. Please print and keep this with you! Those traveling to Stevensford on Friday will want to take their instructions from the first/second pages, to guide you straight to the reserve in the most direct way possible. Please be aware that the start points of the individual legs run on Saturday may differ from these "Page 1" directions. Those driving up on Saturday directly to your teams' start points, please follow the directions given underneath your individual team instructions from Page 3 (Section B), onwards.

The 2nd file is simply a Garmin GPS (.gdb) file for those digital-age nerds who have such a contraption and want to upload it into your fancy-pants gadgets. Everyone else, ignore.

The most CRITICAL AND IMPORTANT element of the AMAZING, OUTSTANDING K3H XX??th ANNUAL OSTRICH MIGRATION & WEEKEND is that you be ON TIME to your start points as designated on the attached schedule!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT be a Shane Fox (aka "Sweetie") and show up an hour late because you decided to have a leisurely breakfast and then follow your Canadian GPS to some random location 80km away from where you're supposed to be!!!  The fastest way to receive The Brew Master's lethal punishment cocktail of bird testicles and bat urine in the closing circle, is to delay the Migration by being late!!!!!! We might also consider baptizing you in the Limpopo with the crocodiles, as an alternative punishment.

(The above also acts as an important word of advice to any smart aleck overheard whinging, complaining, bellyaching or otherwise b!tching about their team, route, distance, liver run route, colour of beer bottles, etc during the AMAZING, OUTSTANDING K3H XX??th ANNUAL OSTRICH MIGRATION & WEEKEND!!!!!!!)

By popular demand, the last leg (through the game reserve) will be an ALL-RUN extravaganza, so those of you who have completed your relay duties early in the day, please remember to "report for duty" as per the attached instructions at 4:15pm at the reserve gate (and try to be able to still run in a straight line).

Don't forget, there is a sand volleyball court and "swimming pool" (i.e. chlorinated livestock tank) available for your recreating pleasure, at the Stevensford. We are having our dinner on Saturday night catered, but otherwise you are all responsible for your own eats and the like. Keep in mind that there IS a veterinary fence between Gabs and Stevensford, should you intend on bringing your own meat (although the last time we went through it, was un-manned).

Many thanks to Angelina and Jacques for doing the "dry run" on the route this week, and to all runners/cyclers/volunteers who are filling in for absent hashers or running 2 (or more!) legs of the relay so that we can reach this fine destination and enjoy the weekend away at such a Lovely Limpopo Location!