Saturday, 28 February 2015

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Fwd: Sunday 22nd Feb

So this week we are hi-jacking the Lady Khama Charitable Trust annual event .

We will gather somewhere near the start, wearing hash gear if you have it.

It would be good if you can stay until the end to cheer those of us at the back when we arrive, and perhaps to applaud any winners when they receive their prizes.
 A chair might be therefore be useful!

 I plan to bring the board with contact info in case anyone is so impressed by our amazing fitness that they want to join us!

Some of us are planning a celebratory breakfast somewhere which even non runners could join!

March 1st will be a bush run out at Crocodile Pools--details next week

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fwd: Next hash

Next Sunday 15th February is the annual traditional Red Dress Run.

We will be running from the cricket club, with the usual start time of 10 00 am. The run will be through the city streets so a horde of men wearing red dresses should not cause any comments!

Following the run there will be a curry lunch. Butter chicken curry with salad, rice and naan bread will cost P60 per head and has always been delicious!

If you want to eat lunch, and were not at Kevin and Melissa's this morning, please contact Jean to let her know by Wednesday this week [11th] so she can place the order

Email: and you can find us on Facebook, too:  kalahari hash house harriers.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Fwd: Stuff

I'm sure those of us who were at the 1700 weekend would like me to pass on our thanks to Jean who organised everything and found us the wonderful venue. Jill, Jock, Ian and John with the help of many others who brought the delicious food to the table, Robin and John who set the runs, Craig and Blair for the musical accompaniment, and everyone else who sang, joked and entertained. The fun lasted until well after midnight but we were all up in time to enjoy the liver run, great breakfast and the trip to the Marico Eye on Sunday where the cool water helped revive the flagging!

The next hash will be set by Kevin and Melissa--details to follow.

A reminder that the hash on February 22nd will be part of the LKCT runs from Fairgrounds. There will be runs for everyone--5K, 10K and 21K. Check out the LKCT website.
You can sign up on- line and if you will have any problems picking up your number on 20th or 21st, let us know so we can get someone to do that for you.

We hope to make our presence felt, both in the races and afterwards, Robin and Anne-Francoise both received medals from the President last time so we have some reputation to keep up.
Please come along as support if you don't want to run/walk. Your Hare Razor has rashly decided to walk the 10K and would be really glad of some company! 

Email: and you can find us on Facebook, too:  kalahari hash house harriers.