Wednesday, 26 October 2011

HALLOWEEN HASH (No. 1531): Monday 31 Oct, 6pm

Given the fact that A) It's Halloween, and B) we're all melting from the cruel & unusual heat this week, it was decided on Sunday that the next Hash (1531) will be an evening Hash on the 31st, which is Monday.  Brad & Angelina will be setting a VERY SPOOKY appropriate-length hash (based on the current time of sunset) that you are REQUIRED BY LAW TO RUN IN COSTUME.  It's Halloween, folks.  Go find a mask or something!
We will convene at 6pm (PROMPTLY!)  at Cafe Rio's beer garden, in Game City (rear entrance, near the Cinemas), which will be our return destination for dinner & beverages (purchased) afterward.
Don't know how to get to Game City?  (Seriously?)  Just in case:
Take the Western Bypass to it's southernmost point, at the junction of the Lobatse Road.
Turn right at the Roundabout by Kgale Spar/Barlow world and head south towards Lobatse. 
Turn right at the first (and only) robots, heading towards the Total filling station.
Turn right into the Game City shopping centre parking lot at the Total filling station.
Turn left and follow the outer road around the back of the mall, to the westernmost entrance (where shade structures are being erected and as of 4 weeks ago still had no shade cloth on them) and enter the shopping centre at the Edgars/Cinema entrance.  The Cafe Rio beer garden will be on your right as you go in the glass doors of the mall.  If you're inside the mall, it is next to Braai Place & the cinema, opposite Nandos, and diagonal from Edgars. 
The good folks at Cafe Rio have asked if they could please have an indication of numbers, so would those who intend to come on Monday please reply to this email with the number of people you will be bringing - even if you're not 100% sure, try to let me know before Friday so that I can at least give them a guess.
The menu for the restaurantis attached to this email.  They have also kindly asked if we can place our orders before we head out on our run, so if you think you might be just squeaking in at 6pm exactly, please have a look now and choose your meal (you can even email it to me) with your RSVP.
Happy Haunting!
p.s. COSTUMES!!! or prepare to drink extra special Witches Brew!!!!