Thursday, 29 April 2010

Run Sunday 2nd May 2010

This Sunday's run is from Sanitas and starts at 10.00 a.m.

Coming from the Mosque Circle, past the University on your left to the lights (Machel Drive). Straight at the lights, straight at the next circle (Tlokweng Circle) until just before the Toyota Showroom. Turn left onto tar road, then left onto first dirt road. Follow road around to the right, then take the first road to the right up to Sanitas. There will be Hash signs and Sanitas is also sign posted

There will be an OnOn afterwards at Sanitas Restaurant

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

EARTH DAY RUN - Sunday 25th @ 10.00

The run will be at plot 2662 halfway down Kgori Close, off Chuma drive very close to Gaborone Sun Hotel

1. If going up Chuma drive from the stadium, it is the second turning on the left after passing the Gaborone Sun entrance.
2. If coming down Chuma drive from BBS, turn right just before the Gabs Sun entrance, across the opposite lane into Phuti. Follow Phuti round a sharp right turn, and about 100 m turn right into Kgori.

The on-in will be a bring and braai.

View Plot 2662 in a larger map

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Gaborone City Marathon/10/4 - Sunday 18th April - This week's run

Those taking part in Sunday's 10km and 4km race/walk 

Please be at Phakalane Golf Club 30 mins before the start of your run i.e. 10kms should be there at 6.45 and 4kms should be there at 9.30

Organisers will be checking if you have actually turned up, possibly by contacting you on your cell phone, think that this is more likely to be for the 10km people.

Brahman (Michelle) will have the numbers for those doing the 10kms.  Her cell is 71619408. She will be in the area outside the pro shop at the Golf Club but if this is blocked off will be close to the start of the race. If you can't find her, then call her. If you are running late and the runners have lined up at the start for the 10km, she will leave your number at the information desk (assuming there is one).

I will have the numbers for the 4kms and my number is 71823874 and Seanna is helping me and her number is 71222444

Due to the fact that the people doing the 10km will have finished (they hope!) by the time the rest of us start and no suitable venue, there will not be a Hash Circle afterwards.  So any R.A. taking part please keep in mind any mis-deeds and indiscretions they might come across for the following week.

See you Sunday
On On
The Ripper

Friday, 9 April 2010

Run: Sunday 11th April @ Opera House

Hi runners,

The next hash will start close to the Opera House Number One at Sunday 11th April. The run will start at 11 AM. 

To get there: Drive south on the A1 past Game City out of Gaborone, then take the first left, across the railroads and all the way to the end of the road. See map below for more details.

There will be a bring-and-braai after at Ruharaids place.

Show 11 April 2010: Opera house a bigger map


Monday, 5 April 2010

Check out the Easter Bunny Run Pics