Wednesday, 27 March 2013



Well done and thank you to Jill, Ian and Jean for setting the Hash for this Sunday 10.00AM at Plot 11945 Nxogodimo Crescent, Broadhurst – Easter Sunday – so make sure all come with their Easter Bunny Hats or Ears or Fluffy Tails, etc  

On On After - braai as usual after the run/walk – bring the usual eating/sitting kit. Fire/gas braai provided – also pool available!

 Special Request : might be a good  idea not to bring your dogs with you on this walk/run if you want to stay for ON ON After!!! 

Directions on how to get to Plot 11945 Nxogodimo Crescent, Broadhurst  : 

1)      Get yourself to the Traffic Lights at the North, top end of BBS Mall (intersection of Segogitshane (road past the Gabs Sun/Pvt Hospital) & Lemmenyane (road from Nelson Mandela Street).

2)      If coming from the Nelson Mandela Street side of town go straight through the lights on Lemmenyane - if coming up  Segogitshane (turn right at lights)  or down Segogitshane (turn left at lights)!

3)      Now heading on Lemmenyane towards the traffic circle with Limpopo Drive – straight through the circle (or around it whichever you prefer) but  STAY ON Lemmenyane!

4)      After circle take the next turning to the left – Sedi Way (about 1.5 kms down Lemmenyane from circle).

5)      Down Sedi Way to the T Junction (Tuli Flats in front of you)

6)      Take a right at T junction into Serowe Square.

7)      Follow road through a sharp left-hand bend and take next right into Nxogodimo Close (mind the pot-holes).

8)      At the T junction in front of you – take a right and Plot 11945 directly in front of you in the corner – high light face-brick wall with palm trees and black gate

 If you get lost – give Ian a call – Cell 72720846



Monday, 25 March 2013

Fwd: Reminder for tonight - AND FOOD.

In case you forgot over the weekend, just a friendly reminder that your presence is kindly requested at tonight's run/walk/AGPU at the Golf Club at 6pm! And in case you didn't see our GM's email, here is the addendum regarding delicious eats and drinks available for on-afters:

The Hash funds will subsidize every hasher wanting to eat from the Indian n Chinese restaurant at the Golf club after the run and during AGPU. The subsidy will be at least 20 Pula per person, says acting hash cash. I have had great meals from this restaurant and their prices are very reasonable where you can get a very nice meal for around 60 Pula if you are hungry. Smaller Asian dishes also on the menu of course. 

See you tonight!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Fwd: Next Hash: AGPU - Golf Club, Monday 25 March

Helloooo, Hashers!
Mother Nature says it's officially autumn, and that means saying goodbye to Monday evening hashes for awhile (unless anyone wants to set one in the next few weeks!) so, given that the Golf Club won't have us on any other day of the week, we thought we'd have one more jaunt through their lovely green grass before we head back into the blasting Sunday sunshine! If you don't know/remember where the Golf Club is, check the blog:

Monday night at 6pm sharp, we'll do the (short) golf course run/walk, so that we can make it back to the bar in time for happy hour, and carry on with our Annual General Piss-Up (AGPU, or AGM for those of you on the wagon).

We really need all hashers to make a special effort to attend, as this is the one time per year that we actually need to act like a real club and do some "administrative stuff". Numbers are important, and if there is going to continue to be a Hash House Harriers club in Gaborone in the future, it's important that we get some bodies there and hold this AGPU. Don't forget - it's at a bar, it's a fun run, and there might even be dancing ladies!

Again, The Mismanagement committee is pleading with all hashers to please volunteer a MINIMAL amount of their time to keep the K3H going throughout the year, by joining the committee. If you are not aware, here are some facts that you may or may not need to be reminded of, when digging deep into your heart to decide if you will agree to help out in the coming year:

1) K3H has been running EVERY WEEK for over 1600 weeks. That's over 30 years of hashing in Gaborone. We don't want to see it fail now!
2) The Mismanagement committee is the lowest-effort committee you'll ever find in any club around. Last year we had approximately 3 organized meetings (all involving drinks at a bar, and each lasting less than an hour).
3) You do NOT have to be posted or living in Gaborone for the whole year. If you are leaving town/country due to work or any other number of assorted (popular) excuses, we'll find someone to take over when the time comes. We just need all the help we can get, as long as it lasts.
4) The Mismanagement Committee is what you make it. If you have ideas or suggestions to make the K3H better, this is the way to do it - by joining the committee.
5) There are no "hard" jobs on the committee, everything is easy and takes minimal time. The main responsibility is to simply come up with good ideas for special events and creative ways to have fun as a club.

To summarize, anyone can be on the mismanagement committee, and the more volunteers we have, the better the club will be. We have a handful of committee members stepping down (or shifting roles) to make room for new OR old members to step in and help out. We also will accept anyone who simply wants to be on the committee without a specific role or position, but helps in the social planning for our various parties/events during the year. Dig deep, folks, we need your help.

Here is the list of positions that have been nominated/volunteered for, as of today. And a list of empty spots that we still need to have filled by Monday evening. Here is an old list with a brief description of what we do, if you're not sure:

AND! Don't forget, you CAN job-share! So, for example, we could have 2 Hare Razors, one to raise a hare and one to send out the email, etc. Or 2 Haberdashers, or 6 Social Sex members, or an "April-to-September GM" or a..... well, you get the idea.

Grand Master/Mattress (GM): _________________ 
Deputy GM: Angelina
Religious Advisor (RA): __________________
Deputy RA: Brad (that's me!)
Hash Brew: Cowherd
Hare Razor: ____________
Hash Cash: Ulla 
Social Sex: Mary Poppins & Cat Lady
Hash Haberdash: The Pee Maker
GM Emeritus: (as always) Jock.

We are also looking for someone to volunteer to be the K3H "Storekeeper" so to speak, who would simply look after all the stuff that we have. It would basically require keeping an eye on our very small box of worldly possessions, past mementos, etc. If no one volunteers, this might also have to become a rotating position, which may jeopardize some of our "heritage items", so please consider lending a hand and/or a small corner of your garage.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fwd: Next Hash: 4km Family Fun walk/run & party day - Grand Palm, SATURDAY

Hello Hashers,
The next hash will be a local run on this coming Saturday (the 16th), at the Grand Palm nature trail. It will be a nice chance to prepare yourselves for the annual Gabs marathon :-)

If you are interested, please see the flyer below - and note there is NO REGISTRATION FEE (woo hoo!) Hashers doing the trail will meet at the trail start (Grand Palm nature trail - ask when you get there if you get lost, or else look for the hashers in their t-shirts) for an informal "opening circle" and headcount, at the normal hash time of 10:00am. There will be no "official" closing circle or on-afters (due to the "official" and "public" nature of the event), but it is a day of socializing (and thus social drinking) so enjoy at your leisure! Please note that the flyer below says "8:00-1400" - that is because the trail will be open for this amount of time for runners and walkers to do on their own, as they please. The normal K3H time of 10:00am will be used to avoid confusion and encourage attendance! Please try and arrive a few minutes earlier than usual to figure in parking and navigating across the vast Grand Palm landscape for a 10:00am start.

Bring your friends and family along and enjoy a rather laid back atmosphere that will continue throughout the morning, even after you've put in your 4km.

Please note that we do need a hare for the next week, so if you can do Sunday the 24th or Monday the 25th, kindly let me know by replying to this email. Those of you who have not volunteered for awhile, we really need your assistance to keep the Hash going, and it is up to everyone to pitch in. Even if you can only set the trail and not host any on-afters, etc., that is fine, someone will help you out with a venue, or you can use any public space or whatever corner of town you please! Newcomers, be not afraid, everyone has to start stomping lime sometime! It only takes a couple hours of your time, and is a great way to help out the club. An old-timer will gladly help you out and show you the ropes if it's your first trail attempt.

We are also looking for a variety of positions on the Mis-Management committee to fill for the coming year and plead with all of you to volunteer for the committee in a role that you can help with, somehow, even if only part-time. Positions including GM, Hare Razor, Hash cash, etc. will be left vacant, and as with any club THE HASH CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT a committee. On behalf of your esteemed Grand Master, you are all asked to dig deep and let us know what you are willing to assist with. Feel free to reply to this email with your self-nomination! :-)  


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fwd: Next Hash: Monday, 10 March, 6pm, Bull & Bush

Howzit hashers,
Before we get to the next hash, two items:
1) no attendance was taken at Kgale Hill this past sunday, so if you were there, please email me so I can credit you with your run on the list of runs.
2) if you have the stompers & lime, please let me know so I can put next week's hares in touch with you!

And now, for Monday:
I'll Be Back and Best Before (aka Iain and Chuck) are in town so have kindly volunteered to be your hares. Given that they are hotel dwellers (vagrants, effectively), they will be setting the run from everyone's favourite central-most location: The Bull & Bush.

The run will start at 6pm sharp, and if you feel like hanging around for dinner afterward, knock yourself out.

If you don't know where the Bull & Bush is... hmmm.
From the BTV circle, head "into town", cross the flyover (the bridge that goes over the rail line) and just after crossing it, before you get to Nelson Mandela drive, turn left onto a dirt road that takes you straight to the pub.

If you're headed from the city centre, northward on Nelson Mandela drive, you will turn left after the Nelson Mandela/Nyerere Dr. intersection. Again, a dirt road, just after the police housing, and blah blah blah.