Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Run 1462: Independence Day Run - Sun July 4th @ 10am

Sunday's run will start from Plot 4746 near State House at 10.00 am.
Coming from Nelson Mandela, turn into Khama Crescent. Pass President's Drive, then the road to State House and then take the next left into Makgadikgadi.  Enter the circle and take the first turn left and then about 100m on turn right. The house is the first gate on your right.  Early birds can park inside the compund but there is no parking allowed in the street outside so latecomers can park in Mookla - the second exit from  the traffic cicle.  See map from Google  - which thinks we drive on the right in Botswana , so don't go the wrong way round the traffic circle! 

Friday, 18 June 2010

Sunday's Run 20th June

Sunday's Run will start at the road leading to the Gaborone Game Park in town (NOT Mokolodi Game Park) at 10.00a.m. and there will be a bring and braai afterwards in the Game Park.

Entry to the Park is P10.00 per car and P10.00 per person so some people could leave their cars outside as they are quite safe and go in someone else's car (times are hard you know) The Hash will pay for picnic area charge. (I will pay the full amount and collect from everyone when we are in the Park so please try to have change)

Directions: Coming from a southerly direction with the Gaborone Sun on your right, turn right at the robots (lights) and follow the road around until you see the sign for the Gaborone Game Park on your right, turn in there.

Coming from a westerly direction over the Bull n Bush flyover and straight along the roadworks. Straight at the first set of robots, straight at the second robots and follow the road until you see the sign as above.

Coming from a northerly and easterly direction turn yourself upside down and follow the above directions!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hashmas 26th June

Just a reminder to all Hashers about the Hashmas on 26 June .

For those of you new to hashing, this is a celebration of Christmas in the middle of the year, so that all those northerners used to a white Christmas, as opposed to the White Hot variety experienced in Gaborone, can eat traditional Christmas fare, and sit around a fire.

It starts with a run in the afternoon, and the hares for this year's run have promised to provide an extra special run/walk which will be fun and festive to boot. This will be followed by the usual festivities - and who knows, maybe Santa and his hot helper will make an appearance to all those who have been good ( and maybe especially for all those who have not).

We do need to know numbers, so please sign in on the boards and give your money (80 Pula - because the best things in life maybe be free, but the dinner beforehand DOES cost money) to the Ripper, when she comes back. 

Run: Sunday 13th June, 10:00 at Gaborone North

Hares: Springcocks and Stroppy
The run will be in the Gaborone North area

Cruise on up the A1 as if going to Phakalane. At the turn off to Phakalane - decide against going to the Boulevard Bar at 09:45 on a Sunday morning, and rather not turn right, but instead carry straight on up the A1 towards Francistown. At the very next opportunity, turn left off the A1 - and follow the hash signs. (and yes I said 09:45 so that the hash can start at 10:00 promptly)

Time 10:00

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hash Run 1458: Sun 6th June @ 10 Am - Potjie on-after

Sunday's Hash will be held at the home of Angelina & Brad in the scenic village of Gabane, and will include a potjie expo On-After (please read all the way to bottom). 

Directions are as follows:

From the Rainbow School roundabout on the Western Bypass, follow the Kanye Road west (in the direction of Mogoditshane/Gabane/Kumakwane/Kanye).  Do NOT take the first right-hand turnoff to Gabane (signposted about 9km from the Rainbow roundabout), but rather continue on for another 2.5km, underneath the big power line, and turn RIGHT just after a small red-brick church with a blue roof, onto a gravel road with a Water Utilities sign indicating "Gabane Balance Reservoir", as well as a mob of signs indicating "Thatch Houses for Rent",  "Thank You for Not Littering",  "Gabane Pottery",  "Pelegano Art Village", etc, etc, etc.

Follow this gravel road around the bend about 300m (you will see another green "Gabane" sign on  your left as you follow it, and turn into the 2nd signposted gravel driveway on your right marked "Ditlhareng - The Taylors".  If you come to Pelegano Art/Craft Village you have gone too far! Proceed to the glorified-cattle-fence security gate where you will (hopefully) be waved in.  Continue into the neighbourhood and bear LEFT, follow the avenue of prickly pear cacti, over a violent speed bump (or 3), continuing UP the hill (do not take any left-hand turns or pull into anyone else's driveways), past a small white trailer on the right, and proceeding straight ahead, all the way to the top, as far as you can go.  The road dead-ends into a 2-story stone house with a thatch roof and salmon-colored paint job. 

Instructions for On-After:

After last week's "Arctic Blast Hash", we decided to well and truly EMBRACE the winter season, and rather than have the same ol' same ol' bring and braai, you are invited to make your best winter stew potjie (our guess is you'll either want to pre-make or par-make it the night before) and bring it along for the On-After.  A fine bed of coals will be prepared prior to the hash, and the pots can be simmering away under the watchful eye of Jock while the hash is being run.  After the circle everyone can sample one anothers' best efforts at winter stewing!   

If you do not own a potjie or have no idea what the previous paragraph means, do not fear, simply bring your own french bread or baguette (or 2) and you are more than welcome to taste it all and get a valuable first-hand lesson in southern African cuisine at its best!   Please bring your own dishes & cutlery & chairs, alternatively there will be plenty of large rocks & boulders to sit on if you don't.

Please email if you will be joining us so that we can make a plan for
A) Parking, and
B) How much bread pudding Jock is making.
Also if possible let us know if you will be bringing a pot or bread, for the sake of planning.