Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fwd: This Week's Hash (Sunday, 3 March): Set your alarm clocks!!!!

Greetings, Hashers,
In light of local weather patterns, this week's hash will be an "early" sunday morning (9:00am) stroll up everyone's favourite local mountain: Kgale Hill. Of course those of you who wish to run instead of walk it, go on, knock yourself out. 

New Hasher Amanda says that she'll be your "hare", but we all know there is no trail-setting involved in the Kgale Hill climb, so be sure to hang her out to dry for being such a shrewd volunteer. Very cunning indeed!

Directions are as follows:
Get to the Game City roundabout, and take the Lobatse Road south out of town (toward Lobatse/Notwane/Mokolodi), then turn right at the first traffic lights (as if you're headed toward the Game City mall).
Continue straight past the mall entrance, all the way to the Kgale Quarry gate. The Quarry entrance will be your meeting point, and the receiving point for hash brew/circling up/etc afterward.

Don't forget, it's NINE A-M this week!

p.s. please check your calendars for a Sunday/Monday that you can set the run during the month of March, as your Hare Razor is not available to personally harass everyone in the coming weeks.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fwd: Next Hash: Golf Club Party Time WOO HOO!!! (Monday the 18th)

Hidey Ho, Hashers - 
Our next hash will be held amongst the upper echelon of hoity-toity Gabs Society at the Gaborone Golf Club, on Chuma Rd. between the Gabs Sun and National Stadium.

It will be a Monday hash (the 18th), beginning at 6pm sharp, and we will be literally "running the golf course", a brilliant idea brought straight to you from out of the ingenious mind of Brewmaster Cowherd. Hare is TBA (possibly Little Boy Blue, or quite possibly a sheer "live hare" experience).

On afters will be at the club bar (no hash beers this week). The club bar has Happy Hour between 1800h and 1900h hours and beer is P2 cheaper, so be ready to run fast. A Windhoek Lager, for example, then costs P10, after 1900h it will be P12. There is no golf on Mondays and the bar is open until 2100h or so.

See you Monday!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Fwd: This Week's Hash: MONDAY 6pm, Broadhurst - RED DRESS RUN!

This week's hash (11th of February, MONDAY) will be from the compound of Little Boy Blue and The Pusher, at the Legarwe Complex, Plot 13185 in Broadhurst. It will start at 6:00PM (1800h) and will be the annual HHH Red Dress Run. Don't remember what that means? Take a look at the HHH wiki and scroll down a few paragraphs to "Special Events" for a reminder! 

NB: this will also be our last chance to hash with Goodey and Saint Two-Shoes (Ake & Lottie), so it is an event to not be missed.

Now get thyself out to the local Chinese shop and find that perfect red dress!! 

Directions are as follows:

  • Go along Segogitshane (Gaborone Sun Hotel on your right) in the direction of the Private Hospital and BBS Mall).
  • Just after BBS Mall, turn right into Lemmenyane.
  • Go straight at the circle.
  • Take the next left into Sedi.
  • Then right at the T-junction into Serowe.
  • Next right into Tutume and follow this road all the way to the end where you will see the gathering of hashers.

    Friday, 1 February 2013

    Fwd: This Week's Hash: Sunday 3 Feb, 10:00, Village.

    Howzit, Hashers!
    Sorry for the delay - I was out of the country and my backup email-sender-outer FAILED. Ahem. Angelina.

    This week's hash will take us back to steamy sundays, and Cowherd will be your hare.  It will then be at 10.00 am at plot 4956 Oodi Avenue in the Village followed by a bring and braai.


    Find Machel/Mabuto Drive. It passes the Gabs Sun, Golf Club and University. If you do not know these places, I can't help you.
    At News Cafe (between University and Tlokweng Circle), turn into the Village on Maratadiba Road. It is the main road into the Village and will eventually pass the Village magistrate and Gym Active but do not go that far.

    From News Cafe start counting. The 3rd road is Oodi Avenue. Turn left there. After a 90 degree bend and another 200 m you will see Plot 5946 with a guard house  and text Ga Ranta on it on your left. Park opposite to the gate - very limited parking space inside the compound. 
    The circle and braai will be at the pool side in the shade of trees. Bring chairs, tables and braai stuff. Braai stands and charcoal will be supplied. Water temperature about 29 degrees, so daring Hashers may bring swim suits.