Thursday, 26 April 2012

This Week's Hash: Flying club, Sunday 10am

Ahoy Hashers,
This week's hash will be on Sunday the 29th of April at 10h00. Cowherd will be your hare, and the Flying Club will be our hosts for the on-afters.

The idea is to meet at 10.00 am near the diamond buildings, start from there and have the circle there. Then move to the Flying Club for the braai.
Directions to meeting point:
From anywhere, go to the airport circle on the Western By-pass. Do not let the fact that the circle doesn't exist discourage you. Drive towards the Airport, the road is dead straight for a long time. When it is not straight anymore, you have arrived. You will see two giant builings on your left - they use them to sort diamonds. In the middle of the curve there is a catlle grid ("färist" in Swedish). It makes a sound like "brrrrp" when you drive over it. Stop there, park on the left side of the road. Hash signs at strategical places.

Bring your braai stuff and remember that there is a bar for your beverage-purchasing needs inside the flying club.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

This week's hash: 22 April The Gabs Marathon (and associated runs of shorter distances)

Ho there, Hashers,
This week's hash will be the Gabs Marathon (Sunday the 22nd), as you know, and only those of you who have already signed up and registered for it by now will be taking part, as you also should know.

What you may NOT know, is that it was requested that we have a spectators' and supporters' circle for the brave and oh-so-fit K3H runners of the races. It has been suggested that this takes place approximately 4hours after the start, which means "10:00 - 10:15am", which our gracious RA, Rock Dassie, believes will be adequate time for all our relevant participants to finish. If you haven't completed your race by then, blame him - not the Hare Razor!! (Just like it was Jock's "directions" last week that apparently got a lot of hashers lost, not Brad's!!! But that's a different story!!!) 

So here's the scoop:
For those who may not know, the start/finish of the race will be on the tee off for the driving range. We'll circle up (even those not running/walking/racing) at 10-10:15 at the 100 meter marker on the left hand side of the driving range (looking down the range).  This gives the 4km strollers 1 hour, the 10km runners 3 hours, and the Mighty Marathoners (including our unstoppable GM) about 4hours to finish.

There may be restrictions on drinks, so you are advised to procure your own from the refreshment stands/stalls BEFORE heading to the circle.

Rock Dassie will be there with his bells on, if you get lost, call him: 72704473 - these are his directions!!  :-)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

This week's hash: Jock's Mmopane Paradise

Howzit, Hashers!
This week's hash has luckily been saved from the chopping block by our GM Emeritus, Jock.
He will be your hare, and the location will be at his scenic bush veld bungalow near(ish) Mmopane. Date: 15 April (Sunday), 10:00am

It will be followed by a bring and braai, so bring your eats and seats.
Head out of town on the Molepolole Road toward the BDF/Bokamoso Hospital.
Pass Bokamoso Hospital and turn right at the next traffic lights.
Turn left at the T-junction and go about 400m, and then 
Left at a T-junction where there will be a K3H sign, then Right at the next T, and follow remaining K3H signs.

In the event that these directions are... well.... good luck anyway. If lost, phone Jock on 72587727


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

This week's (Easter) hash: Bull & Bush

Happy Easter, Hashers!
This weeks hash will be at 10.00 am on Sunday the 8th April from the Bull And Bush, with an on-after and a few libations for those that make it, at the aforementioned place.
Your hares for this event will be Lucy and the recently-returned-to-Gabs (well for a few days), Sloppy Seconds.

If you don't know where the Bull & Bush is... 



See you Sunday!