Thursday, 25 February 2010

St David's Day Run: Monday 1st March @18.00

Where: Haven’t got a clue, but the following might assist.

Find your way to one of the three main Gaborone south-north arterial roads.

Arterial 1: Chuma Road running north past the Gabs Sun to Segoditshane Road and on north. Head north from any point on this road passing the Gabs private hospital and BBS Mall on right. Keep heading north over several robots until seeing big yellow sign on left to Francistown/Mochudi. Turn left at the robot just after sign and head west on Lavatory Lane, over speeds bumps and 4-way stop, around left hand bend and just as road bends right again take dirt road on left heading south alongside railway line. You have arrived.

Arterial 2: Mandela Road. From anywhere on Mandela head north, past Brewery (do not stop and do not collect P 200), north, north, north, over north end flyover to robot at Western Bypass/Airport road interchange. Turn right (north) and proceed to next robot (filling station on left, fire station half right). Turn right at robot, ahead, rbend, 3 way stop, left over railway, bend right, at next bend keep straight ahead on dirt road. You have arrived.

Arterial 3: Western By-pass: From anywhere on Western By-pass head north towards Francistown. Keep heading north until you come to the robot at Western Bypass/Airport road interchange. Go straight (still heading north) and proceed to next robot (filling station on left, fire station half right). Turn right at robot, ahead, rbend, 3 way stop, left over railway, bend right, at next bend keep straight ahead on dirt road. You have arrived.

Map below may also help.

View Dirt Road near Fire Station in a larger map

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Next Run: AGPU - Tuesday 23rd at 18.00

Note that the next run is on TUESDAY 23rd Feb at 18.00. The run will start at the Bull and Bush - for those of you who don't know where it is, ask someone. Travel North along Nelson Mandela from town. Cross Nyerere Drive and turn left onto the dirt road signposted Bull and Bush / Police Housing.

This will be the AGPU so last chance to volunteer for an exciting portfolio on the mismanagement committee! Seriously, if you think you would like to be involved, then we would like you to be involved. Or if you think you can do a better job than the last lot of mismanagers, then please step up. Your hash needs you!

On-in will be at the Bull and Bush. And Tuesday is Pizza Night!

(and for the really directionally-challenged, a map follows):

View Bull and Bush in a larger map

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Launch of new Kalahari Hash House Harriers Website

All credit needs to go to Tore for the launch of the new Kalahari Hash House Harriers blog. Not only has he created a site which is extremely easy to manage, he has also provided the functionality so that you, the hasher, can post to it using an email. Now hares can upload directions of their runs to the website from the comfort of your own home (or office). And for those hashers who don’t like the directions provided, you can just post a comment to that effect on the website directly.

But more on all this later.

Writing blogs with email

This blog entry was made by writing an email and sent to a special email
address on the kalahari hash blog. It should appear automatically as a
new blog item. Even photos can be attached.

The idea is that people can notify about new runs etc without even
logging in to blogger. All that is needed is an email program and the
correct address.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Valentine's Red Dress Run - 14 Feb

Run will be held at the Dros on Sunday at 17.oo. Directions pretty easy - go down (or up) the Western Bypass (A1) until you get to Molapo Crossing (the zebra-striped shopping centre).

Red to be worn - women in standard hash kit, men in red dresses!!

On-in at The Dros for those who want to.

Map follows but may take time to load.

View Larger Map

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Photos: February 8 - Broadhurst Cemetary Run

Link to the Kalahari Hash Facebook group for photographs of the run on February 8 from the cemetary in Broadhurst.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Map of the Broadhurst cemetery run. Map may take some time to load. Click 'runkeeper' link in map for more details.

- Tore

Hash start 8 February 2010

Hash run for 8 February 2010 will be at the cemetery near Broadhurst. See map for details.

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