Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Run 1291 – 1293 (Easter and thereabouts 2007)

“Hashing is a state of mind – a friendship of kindred spirits, joined together for the sole purpose of reliving their childhood, releasing the tension of everyday life and generally acting a fool amongst others, who will not judge you or measure you by anything more than your sense of humour”
Global Trash Hash Bible

Random Hash Reflections – warts, mishtakes and all

Four weeks back from holidays and time for a few reflections on the recent past, the immediate future and the time to come.

First up, Run No. 1290 - Easter Monday and fresh and portly from three weeks of overindulgence in the land of perennial weather, it was time to dust off the crusty old jockstrap (must wash it one of these years. Ed), put on the even older takkies and getmeself and herself out to Kgale Siding for another masterpiece from SECOND COMING and VIAGRA (or should that be VIAGRETTE).

Monday, 5 February 2007

K3H Hash Trash: Monday 5th February 2007

There we were standing in the parking area close by the Car Wash at the back of Molapo Crossing Shopping Centre when Him upstairs caste His eye on a motley crew gathered under the blazing sun and says to Himself – “them there be part of the great unwashed – time to clean them up and give them a shower!” And so it came to pass that a dark cloud did form and a deluge did descend upon the Hash, but not upon any other part of the city of Gaborone. And the Hash – did they flinch from this subtle hint from above – no they did not – but rather did they disport themselves as ones who had not seen water in aeons and didst laugh insanely and gambol in the heavenly shower. In due course the sun came out again and the pack departed on a mythical run. The Hare went one way and the pack the other. The error was eventually corrected as the trail circled Molapo Xing and on-down to into the Shiggy Pit. BRAHMIN was heard complaining about the excess of S.H.1.* which apparently she was obliged to endure as a normal daily hazard – SECOND COMING expressed envy at the opportunity for such wondrous employment until it was explained that it involved having twins – interest immediately waned. Once through the Shiggy Pit the trail ran on and on and on o’er boulder and through briars, along the Western Bypass, through mud (Shurely shome mishtake. Ed.) and o’er vast distances until the Beer reappeared. Which was more than could be said for MRS BUCKET, SUZY Q, THE SHEPHERD, GLUG-GLUG and TRAVELWISE, who had chickened out on the Shiggy Pit and had entered the portals of the DROS for a swift one – or several if SUZY Q’s performance in the circle was anything to go by.
Two virgins (JC and Natasha) were welcomed into the Hash and a returnee in the form of the venerable Simon Whinney was welcomed back. Sins were atoned for, particularly THE SHEPHERD who was fined for answering a call of nature on the previous week’s run and in the process losing the Pack.
Conclusion – a good evening’s exercise and we will have to wait for another day to experience the cerebral challenges of the White House HHH signage.