Tuesday, 24 July 2012

This Week's Hash: Gabane

This Week's hash will be on Sunday, 29 July, 10am start from the gate to Mary Poppins & the Cat Lady's place in Gabane, with bring and braai to follow.

Instructions: From the Rainbow School circle on the Western Bypass take the A10 road west, signposted Thamaga, Kanye. It goes through Mogoditshane as a dual carriageway,  becomes single track as it leaves Mogoditshane by the Engen filling station. After about 4K the Gabane road leaves the main road on the left – DO NOT TAKE IT – stay on the main road for about another 2K. Where the hill ridge in front of you meets the road there is a turnoff left onto a good dirt road. There is a cluster of many signs here, including Do Not Litter (as if!), Thatched Houses for Rent etc etc. There will also be a KH3 sign. Take this left turn for about 300m, then take the third turning right which has another Thatched Houses for Rent sign and a sign saying Ditlhareng The Taylors. There will also be a KH3 sign here. 50m up this road is a gate and parking on the right where the hash will start. John and Anne's house is about 200m up the road through the gate and the finish circle and braai will be there but there isn't room for many cars. However there is a security man at the gate and he will be bribed to look after the cars.


It will be a bush run. Don't forget your braai stuff for on afters.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

This Week's Hash: Sunday 22 July 10:00am

This Week's Hash will be from Broadhurst, with a trip to the Gaborone Game Park to follow. Start time 10:00am on Sunday.

Directions: The Hash will start at the car park near to the new Hindu Temple in Broadhurst Ext. 44. For those travelling in a northerly direction come straight past the Gabs Sun, straight up past the hospital , straight at the main robots (traffic lights), through another set of robots until you come to another set of robots and turn left. (Be careful turning as there is a big ditch and we don't want a repeat of last weeks 'car in the ditch' episode). Continue along that road until you come to a Stop sign and the car park is just on your left.  If you come to the main Francistown (Nelson Mandela) you have gone too far!

For those coming in a southerly direction coming down Nelson Mandela when you get to the robots at Sebele Shopping Centre turn left and follow the road over the railway line, around the bend and you will see the car park on the right at the 'Stop' sign

For those who might be coming from any other direction? if you want to just go straight up the western by pass to the robots at Sebele, turn right, go over the railway line, around the bend and you will see the car park on the at the 'Stop' sign

For those directionally challenged hashers just look for the BIG GOLD DOME NEAR TO SEBELE SHOPPING CENTRE AND THEN WORK IT OUR FOR YOURSELVES!

Afterwards we will all get back into our cars and go to the Gaborone Game Park for a braai

Hash will provide charcoal and pay for the picnic area but bring along your tables and chairs, food etc. The cost is P10.00 per person and P10.00 per car

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hash - 15 July 10:00am

Hello, Hashers:
This week your hare will be Cowherd, and start time will be 10h00 on Sunday the 15th of July. Directions:

Directions: From Mobuto Drive (the one passing Gabs Sun, National Stadium, University and Fairgrounds) find Maratadiba Road at News Cafe. It is a T-junction at the traffic lights before Tlokweng Circle if you come from the Sun. 

Maratadiba Road is the main road leading into the Village and will eventually take you to Gym Active and further to Tlokweng - but don't go that far.

After turning into Maratadiba Road at News Cafe take the third road to the left - not the first called Kgaladua and not the second called Bushbuck, but the third called Oodi Avenue. Rather soon it bends 90 degrees to the right and then it is the fourth gate on your left - Plot 4956, huge gate with a guard house. Opposite is a skip and two barrels - ignore them.

Parking inside the compound is very limited but there is plenty of space outside opposite to the gate.

I am in House No. 12 but the Hash celebrations will take place at the swimming pool/grass lawn at the end of the compound.

Bring and braai - I will supply braai stands and charcoal but bring everything else you want to sit on/at/consume. 

Please keep in mind we still need hares for end of July and August. As yours truly will not be in the country, you're going to have to volunteer yourself via email or through someone else on mismanagement or else there will be no hash!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This Week's Hash: Bull & Bush (AND EXTRA NOTES)

Howzit, Hashers:
This week's hash (Sunday, 8th of July)  will be from the Bull & Bush in Broadhurst, and Lucy will be your hare. Start at 10:00am and you can stay for lunch & general barroom antics after.

Appears we have a handful of new hashers these days (including a few even newer ones that haven't made it yet) so allow me to provide location/directions for those who haven't yet had the pleasure of finding the Bull (or the Bush):

Coming from UB/National Stadium/Riverwalk: Take Chuma road north past the Gabs Sun and University, Stadium, Mosque, etc. until you come to the intersection with Nyerere Dr./Segoditshane at Maru Apartments.  Turn Left here, onto Julius Nyerere Dr.
Continue on Nyerere all the way to the big junction at Nelson Mandela Dr., just before the railway overpass, and here you turn Right (onto Nelson Mandela).
Travel appx. 400m and turn Left onto a gravel road that will take you 300m to another gravel road, where you turn left and will see the pub straight ahead.

Coming from the Western Bypass:
Use the Western Bypass to get you to the BTV Circle (between Blocks 3, 6 & 7) and turn towards town/railway at the Circle (east).
Cross over the railway overpass, and turn Left onto the gravel road immediately after you cross the railway.  B&B will be on your left on this gravel road, just after the entrance to Maharaja.

Extra notes/info/pleas from the Hare Razor:  
Firstly: We have even more lovely female prospective hashers without cars on our  hands (what's the deal!?) so if anyone would be kind enough to provide lifts, you'll not only be doing the hash a favor by getting new blood into our slowly waning adult population, but you'll be helping your own karma and making yourself look good, too. The newest culprit to beg of your charity is Laura, who has just arrived, and her email address is lmcdon03 at gmail dot com. She's staying at Innisfree Apts. near Riverwalk, so anyone over yonder in The Village area, if you can so kindly offer her a lift, please contact her and let her know. 

Secondly: Hare Razor (moi) is going to be overseas for a month starting from next week, so WE NEED HARES FOR THE NEXT 5 SUNDAYS to be put in place now, otherwise someone else is going to have to step in and make some miracles happen week-by-week as well as sending out the emails, updating the blog & Facebook page,  etc. Sound fun?  OF COURSE NOT! So please allow me to put names on the calendar before I go, so that you don't miss any hashes over the next month.  This offer will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, so if you email me with the date that you can volunteer to set the hash RIGHT NOW, I will reserve it for you and advise all accordingly.

This means we need volunteers for:  July 15th, 22nd, 29th, and August 5th, 12th.  Remember, you do not have to host a big hoo-ha at your house for on-afters if you don't want to, you just have to set the course. Period. You can even do it from an empty plot or a derelict building, if you don't want us to know where you live. IF you are new and have never set a hash before, never fear, someone will help you who knows what they're doing. Someone may even help you who DOESNT know what they're doing... but you won't be on your own, so just say the word and we'll organize you a mentor.

Additionally: Myself & Angelina may need a housesitter/dogsitter for the weeks we are away, so if you are not a criminal and would like to live on Independence Ave. with free DSTV and Internet for a few weeks between mid-July & mid-August, let me know. Must love dogs.