Thursday, 29 March 2012

This week's (April Fool's) hash: Kgale Siding

This week's hash (Sunday 1 April) will be from Kgale Siding at 10:00am and followed by a bring & braai at the Petre house. Directions are as follows:

Head South on Lobatse Rd from Game Circle. After a couple of kms, just after you see the BTC Satellite dishes on the left, take the turning left to Kgale Siding (Signs to No. 1 Ladies Opera House and St Joseph's school/clinic). Follow the road past St Joseph's school, bear right over the railway line, then follow the road as it bends left and then straight on to the Kgale siding offices, where you can park. For those who know the No 1 Ladies Opera house; it's the double story house just beyond that.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

This Week's Hash - Weekend away in Zeerust

Greetings, Hashers - 
As you well know, this week's hash is a weekend away in the scenic hills of Zeerust, RSA.
Those of you who have paid up know who you are and what you need to do (cross the border, drive to Zeerust, Thaga Moso is just outside of town on the main road to Groot Marico - on your left, just past the speed trap!).
Those of you who have not signed up and paid... we'll see you next week at a location/day/time to be advised. So watch your email!!

If you have any questions regarding the weekend away, please email The Ripper or Cat Lady.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hash No. 1550 - A.G.P.U.! This means YOU!

A Hearty Howdy to all you Hashers,

As my last mass email to all of you as your legless (or I suppose "knee-less" would be more appropriate) Grande Mattresse I would like to advise you of this week's upcoming Hash which will also be the K3H Annual General Piss-Up, er, "Meeting"... in which a new Mis-management committee will be facistly mandated, er, "Elected"... so please search high and low in the bottom of your black hole..., er, "HEARTS" and throw up your hand for helping out as part of the committee for the next 52 weeks. 

As current GM i thought I would put some of your minds at ease if you might be reading this and thinking: "surely *I* am no good for the Mismanagement Committee of the K3H", by outlining a brief FAQ of the most commonly used excuses and then promptly myth-busting them, so that nothing remains available in the excuse department.

Q. "I just don't have the time!" 
A. Really? Join the club. This is why we don't have regular meetings. This year the Mismanagement committee met all of 3 times. That's less than one meeting per QUARTER. Each time we met to drank a beer at the Bull & Bush for about ONE WHOLE HOUR and threw a dart at a map of South Africa to decide where to have our 2 weekends away. Big friggin' deal.

Q. "I'm not around every weekend for the hash!"
A. Well cry me a river. Neither are the rest of us. No one will even notice you're gone. Feel better?

Q. "My contract is up in <insert Month> and I will be leaving Botswana forever!"
A. And when that happens, we'll make sure that as part of the Mismanagement committee, you get to choose how best to commemorate your valuable contribution to enriching all of our lives as part of the committee. Maybe you'll even get to decide where to have the On-Afters for your last hash! Get over it, we'll find someone to take your place WHEN the time comes.

Q. "I've been on Mismanagement before!"
A. This year? No? You weren't? Oh you mean it was 5(0) YEARS AGO??  Hm.  No soup for you! Next!!!!!!

Q. "I wouldn't be very good at it!"
A. At what? Please, have you MET our existing committee?!?!

Go see the following link for information on the roles and responsibilities (HA!) attributed to each mismanagement position:
And remember, should you agree to join the committee and need help or a filler-inner at any time, SOMEONE will help you. This ain't Jury Duty, people!

Now for the directions/instructions to the ever-popular AGPU:
It will be held at Iketlo Lodge, in scenic Kumakwane - approx. 20 kms from the Rainbow School circle heading out towards Thamaga via Gabane. Just after you see a sign "Kumakwane" there is a turn to the left into the Lodge.

Start will be 9.00 a.m. -  yes 9.00 a.m.

For those lazy Hashers who like a lie in on a Sunday, if you can't make the run then please come along for 10.30 a.m. for the Annual General P**s Up where your votes are needed to elect a new Mis-Management Committee.  This should take us all of 15 minutes max.  The meeting will be held under the thatch and afterwards there will be eating and drinking.  There is a very reasonably priced food menu.
There will be no Hash Beer except for the down downs, we will buy from the bar at the Lodge.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hash 1549 - Flying club


This week's run (Sunday, meeting at 1530) will be held at the flying club (near the airport). Directions are as follows:

We would like to start the walk at the fuel depot near the new unused cargo area.

We can leave our cars there

Once the walk is done we will then head to the Club with our vehicles for "the short meeting" (as your hare, Brandon calls it)

We have booked the club from 15:30

We can only take food into the club but no drinks - there is a bar there!

They will provide the grill for braai, the plates and other utensils (Also bring some of our/your own in case).

We will provide the charcoal.

The entrance fee at the club is BWP20 for adults and ten for children

There is a swimming pool.

Directions to meeting point:

As you come toward the airport take the left at the police station

Follow the road which curves to the right.

Stop at the fuel depot on the left or at the cargo bay area.