Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fwd: This Week's Hash: Block 3

This week's Hash will be on Sunday the 2nd of December at 10:00am (I assume), from Viagra's house in Block 3. He has not confirmed if there's a bring & braai yet, but let's assume there is, so bring your stuff. If there isn't he can kick us out.

As far as where these directions are coming from/originating, let's go ahead and assume it's "coming from Phakalane headed south-bound on the Western Bypass"....

....From the Hyandai/Old Barclays  circle going towards BTV circle

There is only one turning to the left (1.2 kilometers from the circle)

There shall be a sign saying Travel lodge just before the left turn

Take the left turn, then shall see travel lodge on your right

Take 1st left turn again, then 1st left again

 3rd house on the left with the green gate plot 27925

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fwd: This Week's Hash: Sunday 10:00am, Kgale View

Hola, Hashers,
This week's hash will be under the shadow of the magnificent Kgale Hill,  in Kgale View. Christelle and Viagra will be your hares, and we will meet at 10:00am, sunday the 25th, with a bring & braai after.

From the Western Bypass coming from Phakalane, turn right AFTER the Rainbow Circle at the robot (Gaborone Technical Collage). This is just before you reach the Kgale Spar/Game City circle.

Then take your first left (traffic light in permanent slumber), follow the road around a sharp turn to the right, then take the 1st street left - probably a K3H sign - continue past Kgale Manor on your left and take the 2nd Street (Chief's Island) left, the road forks and there is a park in between, where we will meet. Christelle's plot is Plot 51425

Please bring your chairs and braai stuff for on-afters.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fwd: Subs + T-shirt info

Dear Hashers,
- Next Sunday I will bring my big Cash Receipt book and my big money pocket so all of you who have NOT paid the annual Subs. for 2012 should do that.
If you don´t, there will be no reduction of the cost for the X-mas party :-( !!!!
- Marlies and Jacques is about to order new T-shirts for us.
If you think that we should have a new design for the print and do have an idea what it should look like, please send yous suggestion to me or to Jacques.
- Jacques also say that you can bring your own T-shirt to be printed with the hash print.
- Some of you have a wish to get a T-shirt with a special print from the migration this year. IF you want to get one, please till us your size and Jacques and Marlies will arrange even for that.
A lot of information here! Don´t forget anything :-)
Hash Cash

Fwd: This Week's Hash: Gabs North

Howdy, Hashers:

This week's Hash will be on Sunday (18 Nov) at 10:00am from Paddy O'Furniture's place in Gaborone North. For those of you who remember, it's the same estate as Derick's (Rock Dassie) place. Those who haven't been there before, proceed as follows:

We will meet in the communal area of the Ameya Estate (Plot 67989), where there will also be a bring & braai afterward. Directions are:
Take the A1 Francistown road north from Gabs,
2 km from Phakalane traffic lights, turn left at the 4th turning  (there will be a K3H sign)
Continue 700 m & turn at 1st right at green roofs (K3H sign)
Then a Right turn (sign)
and right again into the estate
Bring all your stuff for the Bring and braai, and there are change rooms, swimming pool, plenty of seating and parking.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fwd: This Week's Hash - "in town".

OK Hashers,
Here's the skinny on this week's hash: Chuck and I'llBeBack will be your hares, but the location will be Chez Brangelina, as those guys don't have homes.  Thus, come to Plot 4865 on Independence Rd - (you were just here a few weeks ago, so hopefully at least some of you remember the place!), with a Bring & Braai to follow.

For those of you who didn't attend last month or don't recall....
The short directions are: Go to the corner of Nelson Mandela (technically it's the "Morupule slip road") & Independence Roads. It's there. Plot 4865, last house on Independence. Sandy-coloured wall, wooden sliding gate.
New people who don't know their road names yet:
From the Gabs Sun or University of Botswana, travel north on Chuma Rd until you come to the "Maru Apartments intersection" of Segoditshane, Chuma, Nyerere, & Metsemasewa Roads. Take a left here onto Nyerere Dr., and continue straight until it intersects with Nelson Mandela Rd. at the Red Square Apartments.
Turn Left onto Nelson Mandela and then take your first left again onto Independence. 
First house on the left.  Sandy-coloured wall, wooden sliding gate, Plot 4865.
Bring chairs too, if you've got 'em.

And finally, because there can never be too much love to spread around, a word from your 2-man Social Sex Committee, vis a vis the 30th Birthday Bash 2 weeks ago:

Thank you all for the thanks but, in true Oscars style, we would like to also thank Jean for finding the venue, Jill and Ian for help with buying and chopping fruit and hospitality and Lottie for financial wizardry. And of course, thanks to all who came and made it such a fun evening!
Anne & John 
(by which they mean Cat Lady and Mary Poppins)